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Roger Lee

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Anyone try Whoop yet? Looks like a great way to optimize your bio

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Jimmy Wu

I really want a whoop but the subscription is ridiculous.


Roger Lee
Buy Apple Watch Series 8 if......
Is it better than Oura ring?

Todd Smith

Is it better than Oura ring?
Whoop seems to be doing great despite the competition. I wonder why? With that form factor, it might as well be a watch, so what's the advantage over an Oura ring for example? #Gadgets https://www.theinformatio..
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How Whoop Made Its Wearables a Hit Among Athletes—and Survived a Race Against the Apple Watch

Up on the roof above corporate headquarters, Will Ahmed eyed the weather as April wind and rain swirled. “We’re going to make this a surgical strike,” he said, and off we trotted toward two giant baths filled with 42-degree water. We slid in, dunking our heads beneath the surface—and were ...


what are consumer hardware successes from startups in the past 2 decades? any others than these? incredibly tough market! Nest Fitbit Oculus Peloton Oura #Gadgets


what are consumer hardware successes fro...
Does Apple Watch count? AirPods? Definitely can't think of any startup hardware maker - I guess Xiaomi?

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