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I already use many of these products, thinking about trying the rest, starting with 8 sleep. Anyone else? #sleep

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Tech’s ‘Overnight Shift’: The Smart Mattresses, Pillows and Gummies Putting Silicon Valley to Sleep

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Sam Mendoza

I use whoop, AG1 and Headspace app.


I’m planning on getting the 8 sleep mattress cover. Pluto pillow seems interesting too, not too expensive so considering
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Pluto Pillow | The Ultimate Personalized Pillow, Built for You

Hybrid-designed pillows personalized and custom-built to your body stats, how you sleep, and what you like – all at a fair price. Build your pillow and test it for 100 nights. Free shipping and return


The mattress sounds great! Wonder if I should go for it or wait for the next version 🫣


I’m planning on getting the 8 ...
I ordered one 😌

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