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Sam Mendoza

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Dr. Sinclair has a strong opponent that has all the credentials: Dr. Charles Brenner @GetSelect #Bio hacking @CharlesMBrenner

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Charles Brenner, PhD

I'd like to counter some weird obfuscation that appeared today /1

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Romulus Maya

Did not know this one, @Sam Mendoza. Thanks for the tip. Sinclair is great and all but his last move on NMN disappointed me quite a bit. Here's my comment on this other matter, in a different post: "Sinclair has indeed done great things but no once is perfect. He's involved in a big controversy now. Money related. The lab he's the spokesperson for just requested that the FDA prohibits NMN from being sold as a food supplement, as it currently is, and starts being sold only as a doctor prescribed MEDICINE instead, a protocol for which THEY are developing (precisely with the human clinical trials and all, which take years to compete...) and will put on the market, with exclusive rights (💵💵💵), in TWO OR THREE YEARS time. Importantly, the FDA agreed! But, so far, has not enforced the decision. Meaning pulling from the market all the NMN being manufactured by several other companies as a "supplement". There's a big conflict of interest between "researcher" Sinclair, who spent years promoting the experimental individual use of NMN everyone (including me! 🙋‍♂️) could buy, and the businessman Sinclair, who, after seeing the promising results, wants to profit, alone, from future sales. People in the anti aging community are PRETTY MAD at Sinclair right now. Because if the FDA indeed acts upon its decision, provoked by Sinclair and his associates, not only it's likely that with monopoly rights they will charge much more than the current price (which is already not low), but they will only start marketing the "new MEDICINE" in two or three year! People have already been using it, and seeing benefits, for a long time now... More importantly, can the elderly in their 80s and 90s with degenerative conditions – LIKE HIS OWN DAD? – wait for 3 years? Here's a video on this controversy: ... "

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