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Your comments have illuminated to me the superiority of Cryotherapy vs Cold Baths, but how much better are Cold Baths to Cold Showers without extra chilling? The practical tips used in this article are motivating me to take cold showers as a first step, with experiencing those benefits leading to me to finally take the next cold plunge next. #Bio hacking

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5 Unusual Tiny Tweaks to Make Cold Showers Even More Powerful

Potent science-backed tricks I’ve learned from 200+ days of cold showers

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The benefit of cold showers no one talks about: you suddenly become really efficient at showering.

Jerome Cody

Great article. One thing not addressed is how long a cold shower should last in order to receive the benefits. I've read that studies show that the full immunity benefits are obtained at 90 seconds and anything longer is not productive. I recall that the article (which referenced the study) also suggested that there might be other benefits which require additional time in the shower (such as weight loss and focus) but those studies hadn't been done. I've been doing 120 seconds at the end of my daily warm shower. Have you seen studies on the length of time for the various benfefits? I'm not asking for anecdotal info so much as studies. Thank you!

Jerome Cody

Btw, I’ve added a meditation period just after. it helps so much in setting positive intentions for the day :)

Todd Smith

I didn't know about any of these: While one study correlated 30 consecutive days of cold showers with a 29% decrease in sickness, another found a metabolism spike through brown fat activation. Yet another study found repeated cold exposure to harden your stress tolerance. The wildest finding yet? Up to a 530% and 250% spike in concentrations of feel-good hormones like noradrenaline and dopamine, respectively! Thanks, man.

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