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I'm a small investor in PYM (Prepare Your Mind). Founded by Zak Williams, who lost his father (the beloved actor Robin Williams), to suicide, his mental health struggles went into overdrive. Finding success regulating mood with amino acid dietary supplements they bean working with food scientists to discover a formula that tasted delicious and worked fast to support feelings of stress and overwhelm. Feeling more balanced, calm, in control, and more like himself again, he and his wife decided these safe, effective and natural solutions needed to be more accessible to others. Together, they created PYM (Prepare Your Mind) so we can be proactive and prepare your mind to produce the naturally occurring neurotransmitters that help you handle everyday stressors and life events that take a toll on mental health. PYM’s mission is to provide safe, natural and effective mental hygiene products to promote self-care and end the stigma around mental health. #MEDITATION (mindfulness) #Biohackers Connect

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You Can PYM: Prepare Your Mind with Mood Chews

PYM makes mental wellness simple. Get science-supported nutrients for elevated moods and improved neurotransmitter function to reduce stress, anxiousness and overwhelm.

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