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I’m always researching ways to help my father recover from stroke, and going down the rabbit hole learning of the Vagus Nerve from #Biohackers Connect , I discovered this Time Best invention of 2023 - MicroTransponder’s Vivistim Paired VNS system is a chest implant that helps chronic ischemic stroke survivors regain motor function in their arms and hands by stimulating the nearby vagus nerve, the body’s “superhighway” of electrical signals. It’s the first product to do so for strokes, earning it the FDA’s breakthrough device designation. Vivistim works to boost the effects of physical therapy, facilitating the development of strength and dexterity at two to three times the degree of recovery without it. “We can implant something, and six weeks later, people are having clinically improved benefits,” MicroTransponder CEO Richard Foust says. Body, Gut, Nervous System, sleep, focus - what can’t the Vagus Nerve help?

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Homepage - Vivistim

Vivistim is the first FDA-approved neurostimulation device to pair VNS with your rehabilitation therapy and daily activities. This pairing helps strengthen the brain connections needed to improve hand

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