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Injecting your own children’s blood sounds grim… but does it work? 😨🤔

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Tech millionaire injected with son’s blood in quest for youth

At an airline check-in desk in California, the software entrepreneur Bryan Johnson turned to his teenage son Talmage and asked a few pointed questions. “Do I wa

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What’s even weirder about the whole thing is that some of Johnson’s blood is then transfused into his 70-year-old father, completing the trifecta of blood swapping. https://stephenmoore.medi..
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Silicon Valley’s Obsession With Disrupting Death

Why become a multibillionaire if you can’t live long enough to spend it?


The guy left his fiancé when she had cancer! All these narcissist / sociopath CEOs are the last people we need taking up more time on this planet
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Anti-aging biotech tycoon is accused of manipulation by fiancée

Taryn Southern, 37, is suing Bryan Johnson, who she claims kicked her out of their LA home and went back on his $149,000 separation agreement after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019.


What’s even weirder about the ...


Thanks to Joe Rogan with his sentiment on "decaying body while being alive one you reach the age of 35", gene engineering to defeat death is now a big trend.

Sam Mendoza

What if we could prevent Alzheimer's? What if we could prevent cancer? What if we could prevent heart disease? I know it sounds scary to say "we will slow down aging" but when you break it down, it means we will prevent AD, cancer, and other terrible diseases.

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