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Interesting - had no idea about CoQ10 and its vital importance to our energy levels. 🤯 Especially if you’re already feeling low energy, have muscle pain, likely to have Statins (common), high blood pressure, The top sources of CoQ10 are heart, chicken leg, herring and trout.

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How To Have More Energy As You Get Older

Fight age-related fatigue with CoQ10

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Sam Mendoza

Hmmm. My doctors always tell me I’m wasting my money with supplements however I take CoQ10 100 mg because I’m a heavy statin user. Max dose of crestor. For a while I took the liquid ubiquinol form but it’s expensive plus I have no idea if it’s actually doing anything. It seems every study is reversed over time. My question is : if co q10 is truly good for the heart why doesn’t the FDA approve of it for that purpose


Two questions: 1. Is there a way to test how much CoQ10 you have? 2. What is your opinion about the use of statins to lower something so important for our bodies, cholesterol? Specially considering the lack of benefits and the side effects.


Interesting! “Optimal production occurs around 25 years of age, after which production steadily declines, with the production level at age 65 being approximately 50% of that at age 25.”


Doesn’t a genetic methylation test help solve this problem more upstream? I would think knowing what foods to eat based on genetics would eliminate or reduce the need for supplements. 🤷‍♂️

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