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I've been taking Supergut for the past month, and plan to continue indefinitely. While I've not directly experienced all the claimed benefits yet, I have most. don't they sound attractive? - Improve Focus & Productivity - Enhance #sleep and Mental Clarity - Stay Full & Satisfied Longer - Manage Weight & Cravings - Boost Immunity & Lower Inflammation - Avoid Spikes in Blood Sugar - Improve Digestion and Regularity #Gut Health - Sustain Energy Levels All Day
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Nikolas Kong

I was wondering why you listed taking 3 sources of insoluble fiber and not listing out how many soluble fibers you take

Nikolas Kong

I started putting soluble fiber into my daily shake for cholesterol. Then I learned how important it was for gut microbiome and inflammation “Slowed glucose absorption and binding of bile acids—the mechanisms underlying the physiological benefits of psyllium, β-glucans, and pectin —are also purported to impact the gastrointestinal microbiota. Non-viscous, soluble fibers that are readily fermented by gastrointestinal microbiota include inulin, resistant maltodextrins, resistant starch, polydextrose, and soluble corn fiber.” “Insoluble fibers, such as cellulose, are generally poorly fermented by gut microbes, but their presence in the diet increases gut transit rate and thus reduces the amount of time available for colonic bacterial fermentation of non-digested foodstuff.” “Psyllium is also a non-fermentable fiber; however, its high solubility and viscosity results in unique therapeutic effects including improved glycemic control and reduced blood cholesterol levels.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih... #Gut Health Initiative #Healthspan Advocates

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Romulus Maya

Nikolas Kong
I was wondering why you listed...
It's the opposite. I take 3 sources of soluble fiber. Non soluble fiber I get mostly from food.

Romulus Maya

Nikolas Kong
I started putting soluble fibe...
Great link!

Roger Lee

How do I get supergut in Taipei? Ships only to the US sad panda

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