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Like many of the great cheap options y’all have shared for cheaper cryo (cold plunge) alternatives, I was wondering if Hot Baths can be a poor man’s sauna? Anyone else sous vide themselves? Feel like it’s never talked about but I can still get the heat-shock get-me-the-fuck-out feeling I get at the gym steam room. I found it great for muscle recovery, sleep, relaxation and the same introspection of a shower. Haven’t gotten in to salts yet, any recommendations? #Biohackers Connect
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i don't take baths very often,...
Epsom salt is quite expensive and inaccessible in my country. Wonder if you know of any alternatives? Been seeing online recommendations of essential oil or just plain sea salt, wondering if you’ve tried those before


Epsom salt is quite expensive ...
No, because its cheap and accessible to me. Epsom salts all the time as the base.


A hot bath is probably more pr...
sometimes / rarely I'll also use about a tbsp of vitamin C powder to take care of the chlorine. I have a cheap bath filter for chlorine as well but I don't think it works too well.. In the past I'd sometimes add baking soda to the water. Sometimes Id add apple cider vinegar. And sometimes I'll add in bentonite clay. Heard it can also be fun to experiment with different essential oils, but i've moved on from my experimental phase now


Jerome Cody
I ordered some Epsom salts, al...
I don't measure anymore. Between 1-2 cups as of recently. Previously was measuring out 2 cups each time.


Hot baths are amazing! Try drinking a hot cup of ginger tea just prior to getting into the bath. I find that a hot drink increases the amount/time it takes for me to start sweating. As far as salts, I’ve only used Epsom. Enjoy!

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