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Magnesium is something I see in everyone's supplement stack but don't have in my own. When I looked into it, I was surprised to find that there are so many kinds! Which kind do you take and for what benefits? Here's my understanding of Magnesium Forms and Uses - Glycinate: good bioavailability , promotes muscle relaxation , easily absorbed , no laxative effects , very safe Threonate: high bioavailability , supports cognition and memory , increases brain magnesium levels , more expensive Malate: high bioavailability , binds to metals , improves energy production , helps with fatigue Chloride: best for digestion , supports normal blood glucose , good bioavailability , can be a laxative Citrate: high bioavailability , helps with constipation , very cheap Oxide: low bioavailability , helps with constipation , not the best form Orotate: good bioavailability , supports the heart , more expensive Suflate: used for muscle soreness , antioxidant effects , epsom salt , used as a laxative Taurate: good bioavailability , supports the heart , supports blood pressure Carbonate: low solubility , low absorption , used in antacids Gluconate: chelated with gluconic acid , supports the heart , less laxative effect Lactate: good bioavailability , helps with digestion
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