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Feels like this so many have pursued this, but Apple might actually crack it. major progress!
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It sounds like it is 5+ years away. This will be an instant buy, when it materializes!

Romulus Maya

Makes me think of Elizabeth Ho...


a chip technology known as "silicon photonics" and a measurement process called "optical absorption spectroscopy" to replicate the results 🀯

Nikolas Kong

I believe Apple acquired the right company that developed the right tech to make this possible

Jerome Cody

There are lots of companies trying to crack the challenge of non-invasive glucose monitoring, but the challenge is the variability of skin and how it is affected by light, temperature, pressure etc. A company called Occuity is working on a different approach by measuring glucose by scanning the eye... I hear there are devices already from China this year that do it. It's not as accurate as something like the Dexcom G6 or G7 continuous monitoring system, but it does get you in the ballpark.

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