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Retro Biosciences said that it would “prize speed” and “tighten feedback loops” as part of an “aggressive mission” to stall aging, or even reverse it. #Longevity

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Sam Altman invested $180 million into a company trying to delay death

Can anti-aging breakthroughs add 10 healthy years to the human life span? The CEO of OpenAI is paying to find out.

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Romulus Maya

Did they pay royalties to "the Human Centipede"? 🤔😅


Romulus Maya
Did they pay royalties to "the Human Cen...
Yooo WTF! Had to read that twice, that sounds so wild 💀


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Joe Betts LaCroix at ARDD2022: Reprogramming, parabiosis, and autophagy

The Aging and Drug Discovery Conference (ARDD) 2022 is pleased to present Joe Betts LaCroix from Retro Biosciences, with the talk Reprogramming, parabiosis, and autophagy. Held in Copenhagen at the glorious Ceremonial Hall, this meeting gathers the most prominent figures of the aging and longevity research field, from scientists to clinicians, investors, developers, and everything in between. The fast growth of the conference is evidence of its great quality. In 2022 we had around 400 people on-site, and many others joined through the web. To find out more check #ARDD #ARDD2022 #Longevity

Sam Mendoza

The race for reprogramming in aging is on: Altos Labs, Retro Biosciences, Turn Bio, Shift Bioscience, NewLimit. Overhyped or real promise?

Todd Smith

Sam Mendoza
The race for reprogramming in ...
they all seem promising, but their timelines mean that we're going to have to wait to find out if the hype is real

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