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Perhaps we will start seeing #Artificial Intelligence get more involved with #Biohackers Connect longevity?

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Sam Altman-backed startup vows to extend human life by 10 years

Retro Biosciences, a startup with $180M in funding from OpenAI’s CEO, opened the doors to its laboratory in hopes to add a decade to every human’s life.

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there’s not enough parking spaces for this 😒


I did one of those DNA tests and learned I have the biomarker for Japanese centenarians, and even thinking about living to 100 makes me tired 😪


Outside in approach to increase life expectancy that takes the process away from first principles has an abysmally low probability of sustained success. 👇 There maybe more efficient ways to allocate this capital to achieve the desired outcome

Sam Mendoza

I did one of those DNA tests a...
congrats? @Britney If you’re unhappy with that, I have a system that actively reverses it! It’s called “An exclusively chips-based diet” 😛

Sam Mendoza

Many researchers in the field contend that the science behind cell reprogramming has been solved and that therapies are now an engineering problem. They see full-on age reversal as not only achievable but also perhaps imminent.

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