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Psychedelic drugs, such as LSD, psilocybin, and DMT, to treat brain injuries and disorders. Recent research suggests that these drugs can reopen critical learning periods in the brain, allowing patients to relearn lost skills and acquire new ones. The drugs may also reduce inflammation, stimulate neuron growth, and activate receptors that can help protect the brain from injury. The article highlights several studies that have shown promising results, including improved social skills in adults with autism and reduced cognitive deficits in veterans with traumatic brain injuries. The article also notes that novel psychedelics engineered to remove the altered consciousness may be particularly effective for brain injuries. https://www.nationalgeogr.. #Brain Journey Network #Pop NEUROSCIENCE #Biohackers Connect

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How psychedelic drugs help heal the brain from traumatic injury

Psychedelic drugs such as DMT and Ecstasy may offer a unique treatment pathway for various brain injuries and diseases because of their potency, helping patients learn lost and new skills.

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