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Are cold baths as good as cryotherapy? @Romulus Maya

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‘Like an Hour of Meditation in 10 Minutes’: How Tech Insiders Do Fitness Recovery

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Romulus Maya

Romulus Maya
I'll know for sure the exact temperature...
Update: Dude! I really hope the thermometer in this cheap shower head is not anything to be trusted! Otherwise, the coldest my shower gets would be 20°C! LOL

Sam Mendoza

Romulus Maya
Update: Dude! I really hope th...
Ha! Just like in the picture 🤪 is it broken, that’s the lower bound, or is accurate? 🤨


Romulus Maya
Update: Dude! I really hope th...
😂😂😂 justifies the price!

Jerome Cody

Jimmy Wu
Look what I found on Taobao 🤣 much chea...
Like many of the great cheap options y’all have shared for cheaper cryo (cold plunge) alternatives, I was wondering if Hot Baths can be a poor man’s sauna? Anyone else sous vide themselves? Feel like it’s never talked about but I can still get the heat-shock get-me-the-fuck-out feeling I get at the gym steam room. I found it great for muscle recovery, sleep, relaxation and the same introspection of a shower. Haven’t gotten in to salts yet, any recommendations? #Biohackers Connect

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