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Research shows the first five minutes are the most critical for any task. The science I wish I knew decades ago: Starting on a task is often the hardest part and it is supposed to be. The Science: Dr. Andrew Huberman explains that to get into a focused flow state, you first have to go through the stress and discomfort at the start of a task. As you go through this first 5 minutes, your body starts to release adrenaline. This causes your brain to reinterpret that “hard thing” as something earned and a process to enjoy. Most people assume that every moment in a “focus” state has to feel great. The reality is that it doesn’t, especially not in the first few minutes before your adrenaline is pumping. “The gate of entry is one of what you have to wade through some sewage before you can swim in clear water” - Andrew Huberman The Application: My friend, Ali Abdaal, uses this hack to break through to the clear water: He keeps a 5 minute hourglass next to his desk. When he has a hard task, he flips it over and tells himself: “I just need to do this for five minutes.” Once the five minutes are up, usually he keeps going, having transformed the dread and stress in the anticipation of the task into energy. I’ve used a similar trick when writing Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages. When I don’t know how to start, I just write: “I don’t know what to write” until I have something to write. Often, the lead up to tasks is worse than doing the task itself. #FLOW: Peak Performance #Productivity Tool Junkies #Biohackers Connect
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Sam Mendoza

Big fan of Ali Abdaal too! If you tried and like his 5 minute hourglass trick, check out more of his great productivity tips in his new book, Feel Good Productivity. It just became a bestseller last week! #The Book Club 📚 #FLOW: Peak Performance

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