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sounds fantastical but I occasionally hear people say that pharma companies would not be interested in curing Long Covid, ME/CFS, etc., because they’d prefer to sell you drugs for life. But curative gene therapies can be sold for millions of dollars per patient, or is that just at the start?

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Gene Therapies for Eternal Youth

Longevity startups are riding high as a wave of gene therapies advance through clinical trials. Can they actually turn back the clock?

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All-In Summit: Gene therapy and a new era of medicine with Dr. Nicole Paulk

This talk was recorded live at the All-In Summit 2023 at Royce Hall on UCLA's campus in Los Angeles. (0:00) Besties welcome Dr. Nicole Paulk to All-In Summit ‘23! (0:59) An introduction to Gene Therapy (2:18) Three eras of modern medicine (4:49) Living medicines (6:35) Congenital blindness and other rare diseases (9:37) Gene therapy applications for broad use, including cancer (12:00) Immunosurveillance and immunotherapy (14:44) Brain cancer test (16:34) DEC2 mutation to reduce the need for sleep (17:45) Gene therapy for people living on Mars (18:40) Bestie Q&A: FDA hurdles and aging as a disease state (21:16) Biotech’s valley of death (23:52) Night vision and other human enhancements (26:32) Fundraising Follow Nicole: Follow the besties: Follow the pod: Intro Music Credit: Intro Video Credit: Relevant links:

Todd Smith

🤯 this is way better than the article i shared in the OP. sleep (4 hours for full rest) rejuvenation gene therapy Skin to reflect UV light engineer gut health to metabolize food that's easier to grow on Mars night vision I can't wait to be a "mutant" superhero 🦸‍♂️ !

Jerome Cody

Todd Smith
🤯 this is way better than the...
5 years away for the last 50 years. I’ll believe when I’m a mutant!

Sam Mendoza

The FDA approved the world’s first therapy using gene-editing Crispr technology. Exa-cel — a treatment for sickle-cell disease developed by Vertex Pharmaceuticals and Crispr Therapeutics — works by genetically manipulating patients’ cells. Unlike medicines that treat diseases, Crispr targets their root causes, creating a potential one-and-done cure for diseases like cancer and diabetes. It’s poised to transform medicine, though its exorbitant cost (Exa-cel rings up at $2.2M/patient) is a roadblock. https://www.scientificame...
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FDA Approves First CRISPR Gene Editing Treatment for Sickle Cell Disease

Sickle cell disease causes red blood cells to take on a sickle-like shape, making them fragile and less able to transport oxygen. Most people with sickle cell disease who received a new gene editing

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