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The Apollo wins the Robb Report’s “Best Big Idea” and “Best Wearable” The current crop of wearables—Whoop, Oura Ring, Apple Watch, and the like—are shockingly good at tracking biometric data, everything from daily steps to blood-oxygen levels to heart-rate variability. Which is nice if you know how to parse the numbers, but wouldn’t it be better if those devices could actually do something to help regulate your physical and emotional states? That’s precisely why Dave Rabin, M.D., Ph.D., invented the Apollo, a wearable that uses a range of vibrational frequencies to help you relax, perk up, de-stress, recover from a workout, fall asleep, etc. Born from neuroscience research at the University of Pittsburgh (Rabin is a neuroscientist as well as a board-certified psychiatrist) and backed by clinical research, the screenless device pairs with a slick and intuitive app, which creates a customized 24-hour schedule to provide energy when you need it and calm when you don’t; with use over time, your central nervous system adapts, leading to improved sleep, cardiovascular metrics, stress management, and more. It sounds like science fiction, but we’re happy (and amazed) to report that it actually works #Gadgets #MEDITATION (mindfulness) #FLOW: Peak Performance #Sleep

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Can a Wearable Help Heal Trauma? This Psychiatrist Says Yes

Dr. Dave Rabin spoke with Robb Report deputy editor Josh Condon at House of Robb about how Apollo Neuro's wristband can help heal trauma.

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