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this might be a little out there, but i've been hearing about this more and more, from really smart friends! BioCharger, a $17,000 futuristic-looking glowing device that claims “to restore strength, stamina, coordination, and mental clarity” to its users. The simple science makes sense to me, but i'm skeptical. Might be worth it for companies to buy it as a sustained perk to their teams?

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BioCharger NG

The BioCharger team has partnered with a premier financing firm to provide affordable and attractive terms for our customers, with payments as low as $349/month.

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Romulus Maya
Or research papers come out en...
Does none of this have credibility?
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Solution for Modern Day Problems

Once upon a time, a brilliant inventor named Nikola Tesla was making waves in the scientific community with his groundbreaking discoveries. Tesla’s discoveries went beyond paving the way for wireless


it does PEMF too which you mentioned before, and according to their own table, compares very favorably
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Restorative Health And Wellness

“You know, the one of my favorite things about the BioCharger, besides all the benefits and the amazing technology and the feel and the the feeling I get from it, I really enjoy the whole team at BioC

Sam Mendoza

When things costs that much, you almost have to say it works otherwise you're admitting to being fooled


Sam Mendoza
When things costs that much, y...
Yep haha I think this is applicable to a range of high tech “biohacking treatment devices”

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