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Knee pain? Shin splints? Here’s my experience with barefoot shoes! Anyone else here have experience with barefoot shoes? Started getting shin splints and knee pain after runs or training beginning of last year so rugby team physio recommended to look into barefoot shoes. Found this brand called Vivobarefoot (probably best looking barefoot shoes out there, not sponsored) and got a pair to try. Horrendous first couple of weeks and you feel almost everything on the ground when you walk with them, very tiring for the feet. However, no more knee pain or shin splints when I run (even while running with other shoes on), absolute magic! However, one downside to these shoes is that since they use minimum material to get that barefoot feel, they are not the best for cold weather. I learnt that the hard way! Haha Be good to here some thoughts on the barefoot shoes movement and if anyone here got experience with vivobarefoot or other brands as well!
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Romulus Maya

I have flat feet too. Never t...
That's exactly what I'm wondering. I'll ask my chiropractor.

Todd Smith

It's also worth saying that barefoot shoes are not a zero-sum game. For over a year I wore barefoot shoes running, regular shoes for other tasks, and sandals the rest of the time. It's not all or nothing.


Todd Smith
It's also worth saying that ba...
Barefoot shoes for running?! That’s hardcore! Did it change your running form? I heard the most effective way to transition into barefoot shoes is to walk and do daily tasks in barefoot shoes but run with running shoes first


Slow 5k with vivos for the first time, feet are DEAD 💀 however no knee pain or splints tho! 🎉


Feel like the footwear industry currently is completely split to the opposite extremes. On one side we have the barefoot shoes movement and on the other we have these super cushion running shoes! Might give barefoot shoes a try, I have super wide feet and I like how wide they are

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