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Well, it happened again. Just when I thought I was making progress getting over my long COVID symptoms, I tested positive for COVID for the third time... Thankfully, this time around it is pretty mild in comparison to previous. It's starting with the usual sore throat and tiredness. At first I thought it was just allergies acting up as the seasons change. But nope, two lines on the home test confirmed my suspicions. So for now, it's back to taking it easy and waiting for this latest COVID encore to pass. Anyone got any home remedies or biohacks that helped with covid symptoms? Anything is appreciated! #Long Covid Support Group 🦠 #Biohackers Connect
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how are your symptoms this time in comparison?




how are your symptoms this tim...
Pretty much the same as previous with the sore throat and overall tiredness, but definitely not as intense as first or second time I caught it

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