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This is really cool - the research suggests mammals retain a backup copy of epigenetic information that is capable of restoring the functions of old tissues. If our epigenome is our genetic software, and it has become corrupted over time, could rebooting it with virally-delivered Yamanaka factors, reset the clock and reboot youth? #Bio hacking #Science is awesome πŸ§¬πŸ¦ΎπŸš€πŸ€―

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The loss of epigenetic information accelerates the aging process

A new study in the journal Cell aimed to determine whether epigenetic changes are a cause of mammalian aging.

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Sinclair's been putting out more press on his epigenetic theories. Hopefully we can see the primate study soon!
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Epigenetics and Aging: The effects of DNA breakage and repair

A 13-year international study in mice demonstrates that loss of epigenetic information, which influences how DNA is organized and regulated, can drive aging independently of changes to the genetic code itself. It also shows that restoring the integrity of the epigenome reverses age-related symptoms. Learn more at

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