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In 2020, 2021, I started having a rough time falling and staying asleep. It made me a real-life zombie. I needed to change that in 2022 for my health (and sanity). Thankfully, a friend gave me some Beam Dream to try, and it’s been a game-changer. It’s a tasty hot cocoa drink, that I drink 30 mins before #sleep. I fall asleep and stay asleep like a baby. I’m obsessed with it.

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Beam Dream

This best-selling sleep powder from Beam helps you wind down for a deeper night's sleep with relaxing ingredients like Melatonin and our Nano Hemp powder.

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Todd Smith

i don't see anything special about the ingredients, except nano hemp - what's that?


better sleep or extra calories before bed? ah the trade offs!


Todd Smith
i don't see anything special a...
Same reaction, looks like that’s CBD, so still nothing novel about the stack, maybe the administration is the key?

Jerome Cody

Same reaction, looks like that...
I’ve been using a melatonin vaporizer because the subconscious regulation of my breath helps me calm down. I don’t know how drinking hot cocoa helps mechanically, but it does sound comforting.

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