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Thoughts? Looks and works like Oura, but with even more…. #Bio hacking

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Happy Ring

Happy Ring is the first wearable designed for your mind. Discover how real-time mood tracking can change your life.

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Sam Mendoza

Romulus Maya
One thing is for sure: if inde...
Apple is going all in on health with its next Apple Watch range, according to this report. #Gadgets
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The next Apple Watch will reportedly add 3 new health sensors for diabetes, blood pressure, and sleep apnea

Apple continues exploring the potential of health monitoring tools.

Sam Mendoza

The first consumer electronics giant to enter the…RING? 💍 🥊 The Galaxy watch is impressive, I bet this will be a strong competitor
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Samsung is taking on Oura with the Galaxy Ring | TechCrunch

It took Oura (pictured above) to show the world that the ring is a viable health-tracking form factor. There have since been a handful of likeminded


Sam Mendoza
The first consumer electronics...
Shots fired! 😈 Oura CEO Tom Hale offered TechCrunch the following reaction: “Since our founding over a decade ago, we’ve invested relentlessly in service of creating the best smart ring that gives every body a voice. Our members span from Gen Z to Boomers, from pro athletes to those seeking to improve their sleep and health, from women tracking their cycles to those who want to better manage their stress. With new features released regularly, Oura has the strongest IP portfolio — in both hardware and software — for the smart ring form factor, with 100 granted patents, 270 pending patent applications and 130+ registered trademarks. New players entering the space is validation for the category and drives us to aim higher to serve our members and community.”

Jerome Cody

Smart ring maker Oura rolls out its Resilience features, measuring how much stress users can withstand.
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Oura launches a new feature to measure your resilience against stress | TechCrunch

Smart ring maker Oura is rolling out a new feature called Resilience, which measures how much stress users can withstand. The company is measuring


the smart ring category is really heating up! Less then a month ago Samsung, and now the big 🍎 kahuna is coming!! Apple doesn’t come early, they come best 😉 #Biohackers Connect #Gadgets
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Report claims Apple's smart ring is arriving 'imminently'

The rumor mill has fired up again, with a new supply chain report claiming that the "Apple Ring" will arrive sooner, rather than later.

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